Free the Chi

Ch’i or qi (“chee”) refers to the life force energy that flows through every being and every environment. When positive chi energy can’t flow freely, things get stagnant – literally and metaphorically. It is the goal of aligning with the natural flow of things that draws many to the practice of feng shui.

One of the primary tools of Western feng shui is the bagua map. A feng shui bagua is a grid divided into 8 areas plus a center. Each bagua area maps to a specific life area. By applying the bagua grid to your space, you can see where to improve the flow of energy to bring harmony to the corresponding area of your life.

“Feng Shui (pronounced fung shway) is the ancient Chinese art of improving every part of your life by enhancing your environment according to principles of harmony and energy flow.”

David Daniel Kennedy, Feng Shui for Dummies

Align the bagua map with your space by lining up the career area with the front door or main entrance.


The back left area of your space is considered the wealth area. Enhance this area to attract prosperity into your life.


The far center of your home is considered the fame and reputation area. Make enhancements here to affect how you are recognized in the world.


The far right corner of your space is your love area. Focus your attention here to strengthen your relationships and attract love.


The middle left part of your space is considered the family area. Focus attention in this area to bring harmony to your family relationships.


The center of your space corresponds to health. Improve your health and life balance by enhancing this area.


The middle right area of your home relates to children and creativity. Intentionally arrange this space to bring new things to life.


The front left section of your space governs knowledge and self cultivation. Enhance this area to improve your knowledge.


The entrance to your space relates to your career and life purpose. Concentrate on enhancing this area to open the door to opportunities.


The front right of your space relates to travel and helpful people. Boost this area to attract guides – in travel and in life.